Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Leicester Mobile Marketing

Is Leicester Business Taking Advantage Of Mobile Marketing?

Read any marketing journal and you will see statistics showing the boom in mobile marketing. The main reason why we are now seeing a substantial decline in conventional marketing methods is that technology is driving change as it has done so in the past.  But this change is much bigger and is happening much quicker than any technology before.  This change is a result of the boom in smartphones and tablets.  Apparently over 1 million smartphones are activated each day and the number is steadily rising.

Google recently carried out some market research and found the following:

  • By the end of 2012 there will be more tablets and smartphones than the human population
  • 44% of their target audience has a smartphone
  • In the next 4 years the number of smartphones will have doubled
So they see a huge growth in mobiles and it is said that by the end of 2013 more people will be accessing the internet from a smartphone or tablet rather than a desktop computer or laptop.  But
businesses are slow to react according to Google, with as many as 80% of businesses still not having a site that is suitable for mobile devices.

If you own a smartphone or tablet you will find nothing more infuriating than landing on a web site that has not been optimised for a mobile device.  First of all it normally takes a long time for the site to load and then when it does open the formatting is not suitable for a mobile and is difficult to view the site.

So any business owner who has not optimised their web site  needs to give this immediate attention as you will be losing potential business.  Why spend lots of money and time marketing your business and then when people come to your web site they have a bad experience.  What message is that giving mobile users? 

So make this a priority and you should also be thinking about using business apps.  In the past business apps were only affordable by the big companies with big budgets as the development costs of apps were expensive.  But this is no longer the case as there is now a company dedicated to providing business apps for small and medium size businesses.  Global BizznessApps provide a self build platform that enables businesses to build their own business apps.

Clients use the online content management system to select a business template suited to their business type and then start using apps from a selection of over 42 business apps.  The design platform was built solely with small businesses in mind and requires no programming knowledge.

The package from Global BizznessApps includes free unlimited text messaging.  Online training manuals,training videos, regular webinars and a technical help desk.  For those businesses  who would prefer Global BizznessApps can build the site for their client for a fee.  

The savings using this self build approach or even getting Global BizznessApps to build the site are a fraction of the cost of an application developer and substantially quicker.